River of Fundament. Five hours of ‘entertainment’


River of Fundament is artist Matthew Barney’s latest blockbuster visual adventure – a five hour opera/film that hits London’s Coliseum for two screenings next month.

I’ve seen a brief excerpt of the film at a Barney talk at the Manchester Festival last year. It was a bit tough going, especially after a proper mad one the night before. Barney isn’t exactly a barrel of laughs (one does wonder what he and Bjork would talk about over the kitchen table), but he can certainly paint a pretty dark, grotesque picture. There are plenty of eloquent, detailed write-ups out there that will either entice you into booking or make you run a mile. Take a packet of crisps, a copy of Beano and settle down for the afternoon and let the mind wander. It’ll need to…

More information here, ENO Coliseum, 29th and 30th June, £15-£25

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