Robert Lepage – Playing Cards 1: Spades

The first in a quad of plays sucking inspiration from a pack of playing cards, played a bad hand for me. Lepage won’t disappoint in terms of his usual trickery and sleight of prop, as pool turns to casino to bed to bunker to bar in a dizzying how do they plan that fashion. Multiple characters intersect at a hotel in Las Vegas, against a backdrop of Bush’s launch into Iraq. Despite the various relationship failings, the ruination of bankruptcy and numerous other challenges that daily life throws at these characters, it was nigh impossible to actually get in to. The different narratives may have been deliberately ambiguous but when you don’t know how or where to attribute cause and effect it only serves to confuse an already busy production. Perhaps cash in your chips for the next instalment, coming soon.

Oh well, it was only¬†2.5 hrs long, no interval : /

Tickets, on til March 2nd. 

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