Roganic, the longest pop-up restaurant? W1

So the big cheese from Cumbria’s L’Enclume is opening in Marylebone in a few days. He’s snapped up the last two years of a restaurant lease in a mini spot that has just 35 covers – but I can assure you they only need that number to get by. We went to L’Enclume (yes you know who you are!) a few years back. We were all a bit skint and I was looking after the accommodation and a friend said she’d fix a good restaurant. It was meant to be cheap. It turned out to be the most expensive restaurant I’d ever eaten in and was so unexpected one of our party arrived in flip flops and shorts for god’s sake! And we were so uber tired after getting lost in the mist at the top of Wastwater for a little too long for comfort. But I think we were all secretly glad we’d been duped by accident because it was gob smackingly good.  So give it a whirl if you’re feeling flush.

19 Blandford Street
London, W1U 3DH 
Reservations: 0207 486 0380

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