Roll up! Sign up!

Tomorrow morning is mail time: Tropolis newsletter Numero 2 is going to creep out into the wilderness. It’s taken me an age to put this one together – but so it should’ve, having rustled up twenty of my favourite European spots I’ve unearthed over the years. So if you want to find out where you can hire a whole village, try 650 types of tomato, see the best topiary in the country, duck out of London for a sneaky sunny pub afternoon or stay in the first ever ‘design hotel’ where every tile, chair and view has been designed or framed by a famous 60s architect – you better sign up tonight! Just there on the left hand column, that’s where you do it. Where it says ‘Sign up’. 

And actually, if any recipients do have any comments I’d really appreciate a little feedback to – it’s a little quiet out there. If you’ve missed it then drop me a line and I’ll be more than happy to forward it on. 

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