Say Cheese! The World of Martin Parr in five Courses

Martin Parr

GB. Wales. Llandudno. Bank Holiday. 2013.

GB. Wales. Llandudno. Bank Holiday. 2013.

GUERNSEY. Liberation Day tea at Forest United Methodist Church. 2012.

The Art of Dining is about to launch ‘Say Cheese’ – “a unique photo-culinary experience combining a photography exhibition with a pop-up restaurant and bar inspired by the world of Martin Parr. This collaboration with one of Britain’s most esteemed photographers will take the concept of the exhibition to a whole new level: the photography hanging on the walls will be reinvented (to taste amazing!) on plates, in glasses and all around for this special event.”

The cost is £65 which includes a five-course dinner, welcome drink, original limited edition signed postcard package and entertainment. I’d love to go, but how much can a packet of Wotsits be?? And let’s face it, if you translated all photographers’ work into a lateral gastronomic equivalent, I don’t think Parr would be high up on the list for me!

More info and tickets here. 19 – 29th March, Rose Lipman Building, 43 de Beauvoir Road, London N1.

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