Shop til you drop in E9

Burberry’s under the radar outlet store is right in the heart of Hackney! Clearly no secret to London’s Russian and Italian residents/visitors they appeared to be the only shoppers on the Sunday that I went to check it out. (Needed to balance the worthy trip to Sutton House with something contrasting!). It was pretty slick but nothing caught my eye, just thought it might be worth mentioning.

Burberry, 29-53 Chatham Place, Hackney, London E9

If you stroll back onto Mare Street this is a great asian supermarket. They have everyyyyything. So if Thai or Viet is your bag get down here. Its close to the Americal Nail store where all the Vietnamese are snapping up their wholesale kit for the nail bars of London. Most amusing to peruse for a few mins and get a little insight into the industry!

Mare Street, E9

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