Sichuan session

Asia House in Marylebone is playing host to Fuchsia Dunlop – Sichuan chef this Wednesday. I gather she is the only foreigner who has completed the full training at Chengdu’s famous cooking school. I spent a day there a few years ago. Or at least I tried but had one of the top three hangovers of my life and didn’t get very far. Chengdu is a rocking city in SW China and yep, I found the party…anyway, I managed a morning and she managed a year. Sichuanese is a one of those classic cuisines, respected, loved and wolfed down world-wide. It’s not for big girls’ blouses being hot as you like: think Madras and double it. Sichuan is a kind of gold rush in terms of restaurants in London now that’s for sure. And for the Chinese who have been put through their paces at the school, upon graduation its their ticket out of town – they just need to sign up with one of the numerous agencies and they are outta there. Having said that, I’d move there in a flash.

Anyway, Dunlop is holding a class at Asia House tomorrow. I imagine it’ll be very good and full of amusing anecdotes. “Learn about the┬ámagic ingredients that can transform modest vegetarian ingredients into wonderful delicacies.” They probably mean beef knowing the Chinese…

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