Smooth and Elegant. A gift from the 1930s, SE9

Tra la la. Gorgeous, glamorous Eltham Palace. She of the remote, impossible to get to SE London Eltham. Home of a plethora of photoshoots, generally lingerie. Can it get any better? Art Deco gem and Medieval Palace combined – what a sublime combination. Take a piqnique, enjoy the gardens, the empty moat then get on a random scary hopper bus to Greenwich and feel faintly closer to London. 

Eltham PalaceCourt Yard, Eltham, Greenwich, London – SE9 5QE. Be-very-ware that Eltham P is CLOSED on Saturdays. WTF Anglais Heritage?? Its actually not nearly as hard to get to as I made out – get the overland from London Bridge Station for 20 mins, then its about 15 mins walk at the other end.

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