Sorry, London who?

I have been rather absent of late. I can only apologise but I was out of action for a while, from hospital to renovations to holidays to work trips. I feel like I have achieved a lot this year though I need to get back on Tropolis and get busy loading more content into my recently developed engine sitting there awaiting for me. Wow – it will make itineraries for you!

Some people think I should be more personal here – I’m not comfortable in the front of the camera, it all feels a little fash bloggery but maybe I’ll try it. This is a start anyway – all my excuses for being a slacker!

So my flat looks like this (well, it’s nearly finished thank god): 

…I’m kinda bored of doing stuff like this every night:

But there was some relief up here:

Before going here – crikey I’ve never been to a town that felt like it sold its soul quite like Cannes. Every bar had been sponsored, every nice of beach taken over by pavilions. Welcome to Cannes! That’s not to say I hated it by any stretch, it was epic, and tribal, and party mad. So I was pretty well suited to it. Money men from Holland – as if nothing had changed in 500 years; Russians in American tan tights. Hells bells girls – you’ve got good legs, why would you do that to yourselves?? (Maybe they get them on prescription or something). And barrow boy estate agents pouring out of Gatwick. And yes I did work, a lot.

Oh it wasn’t all bad!

Oh yes, we had a lot of fun, we did a lot of work. I can’t really put half the pics up – despite it being work, it’s still NSFW:

And the hard MIPIM partying was probably the reason behind my most sedate trip to Berlin ever. Loved Tempelhof, it was well cosy.

It hasn’t been all bad coming home to Spring, loving the view from my temporary abode:

AND work has been rather challenging of late – but has been resolved into a beautifully neat package to ship to sunny Russia comme ca:

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