Sounding Space: Emptyset at P3

Emptyset, James Ginzburg and Paul Purgas’s experimental electronic music project will explore how architecture can both shape and be captured by sound. A unique sonic portrait of architectural space, translating and recording the space’s acoustic response to the frequencies they will push through it, to create an original composition and site-specific sound installation. Emptyset will tackle the cavernous Ambika P3 for the AF Sounding Space commission. 

P3’s 14,000 square foot, triple height subterranean space – a former concrete construction hall where components of Britain’s motorways and the Channel Tunnel were tested – will be amplified by microphones and subjected to sine waves and noise, to create a unique sonic portrait of the space imprinted with the characteristic qualities of its architecture. (Source: Architecture Foundation)

Sounding Space: Emptyset, Thurs 13th Dec 6 – 9pm. Tickets are free but must be reserved in advance through

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