Sports Day 02

One diving session wasn’t enough – it had to be TWO. I so lucked out with the second lot and got Men’s Sync! The holy grail of all grails. Of course the Chinese just wiped the floor with the others, as predicted. It was as hypnotic as I hoped. And no hanging around – they bosch those divers out, bam, bam, bam. I do regret giving it up now, but there’s no way I’d have the nerve to climb up to 10m and launch myself off. The women’s earlier that week had a host of scary shapes going on: handstand on the end of the board and lower in slowly? No thanks.

Loved Zaha’s whale belly building but it was so tropical in there, anyone who’s got tickets for the big event make sure you pack your bikini (just don’t be tempted to show ‘em how its done).

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