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Stargaze is a Berlin-based “bunch of people who have been trained and worked in classical and classical contemporary music and are getting more excited each day by what’s going on in contemporary pop/folk/electronica and uncategorisable genres in and around those confines.” Something that should inspire more people to get up and get out there is their impetus not to just wait for high-art institutions to come round but get on with it and have a “go” using networks, knowledge, tastes and abilities to facilitate performances. So away they go and create ideas for music projects, concert programmes and commissions of new work in collaboration with partners like orchestras and festivals – drawing from a pool of young musicians, classically trained and particularly versed in contemporary music, excited to collaborate with musicians from different backgrounds.

Stargaze Presents comes in a concert format and series where bands collaborate with instrumental ensembles, or solo artists from bands are featured with their own, classical contemporary compositions. Despite producing projects in London, Manchester, Paris, Amsterdam, New York and Sydney they’ve been yet to pull anything off in the home city until now.

In collaboration with the Volksbühne the producers have brought together Berlin-based Ensembles and artists from Germany, United Kingdom and USA. From February 14-16th every evening consists of three concerts, ranging from the classical string-quartet to minimalist approaches, punk with choir to electronics. Their “signature piece” In C by Terry Riley concludes each evening, re-interpreted by selected artists.

Images top to bottom: Pekka Kuusisto (credit Kaapo Kamu), Pantha Du Prince at the Barbican 2013 and Tondai Braxton


Nils Frahm – 1000 Robota – stargaze – Mouse on Mars – Zafraan Ensemble – Holy Other – Cantus Domus – Tyonday Braxton – Pantha du Prince and The Bell Laboratory – Pekka Kuusisto and Solistenensemble Kaleidoskop – My Brightest Diamond

Friday, 14th: 

Stargaze Performs: bryce dessner‘s Aheym, Holy Other & cantus domusnils frahm & stargaze perform Riley’s In C.

Saturday, 15th: 

Stargaze Performs: ben shemie‘s Positive Feedback, 1000 robota, stargaze & Cantus Domus, pantha du prince & The Bell Laboratory perform Riley’s In C.

Sunday, 16th: 

pekka kuusistosolistenensemble kaleidoskop & andré de ridderperform owen pallett‘s Violin Concerto, my brightest diamond & zafraan ensembletyondai braxtonmouse on mars & stargaze perform Riley’s In C.

All about Stargaze here. Tickets from Volksbuehne here. February 14-16th, Volksbühne, Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz, Mitte.

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