Tarot Drome

You don’t need to like fingering the odd tarot card to be sucked into this dark and slinky new show by goddess Marissa Carnesky. She always was a babe – she had tats when tats were cool, long before every other Tom, Dick and Harry plastered themselves with scribble. And she danced in lounge clubs with snakes, which is better than any marabou sporting hen-do burlesque ‘star’ does these days. 

Tarot Drome is coming to the gothic arches of the Old Vic Tunnels. Carnesky describes it as ‘Pina Bausch meets Holiday on Ice’. The night may be full of tarocci fun and games but I’m not so sure about the family entertainment parallel. Those arcana probably aren’t that playful…

More information, 4-13 Sept at the Old Vic Tunnels

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