Tbilisi & surrounds, Georgia (no not the USA)

Older old Tbilisi.

Hmm spot on the odd one out…?

Belvedere Vod has moved into shower curtains!

My fantasy home. Now a bank – I think I’ve lost out.

My old flat used to look remarkably like this. Not any more.

Patchwork on the hillside.

Match made in heaven: get the $$$, spend the $$$.

Missoni in Tbilisi! Like a moth to light, I’ll find it.

Lunar landscapes on the Azerbaijani border.

Not London – but could be.

Yes, the food is delivering every time.

My new fantasy flooring.

Davit Gareja Monastery – I’ve wanted to go here for soooo many years. Love the kind of oblique projection 45° angle.

Sooooo Tbilisi, Georgia (finally got the iii’s in the right frequency and order) – curious and curiouser – haven’t really been anywhere like it. Have been treated to an introduction to a new city in a new region by some charming local company – thank you Nina, Nic and Tamuna. Off to the outback tm…more soon.