The Big Art Weekend

Frieze has plateaued for me in recent years, feeling more like an ordeal than a pleasure. But the introduction of Frieze Masters in the NW corner of the park has introduced some much needed oxygen into the whole experience: meatier art, in a more tranquil environment. Of course the vernissage (the pre-private view) is going to be a different experience buuut, if you gave up on Frieze a while ago, it might be time to reconcile and revisit. The people watching is actually a notch better, which is saying something.

If you need more, then PAD in Berkley Square for 20th Century art, design and decorative arts and the credible but laid backĀ Sunday art fair (from today) at the enormous and bunkeresque P3 space on Marylebone Road.

Frieze Masters, opens to the public today.

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