The Cube, Electrolux at the South Bank

Yesterday I was invited along to the opening of Cube by Electrolux. Perched on top of the Royal Festival Hall, Wednesday’s sun-trapped session was taken by Hibiscus chef Claude Bosi. I went to a smiliar Electrolux do on top of Palais de Tokyo in Paris a couple of years ago which offered an equally impressive view – but over the Eiffel Tower. As an exercise in branding the Paris one was a little more discreet and, frankly dirt cheap in comparison: you knew everything was cooked using Electrolux appliances but it seems we Londoners need a little more reminding and charged through the nose for the privilege. 

As a schmooze it was much appreciated though I’m not entirely sure I’d be investing £175pp (£225 for dins!) even though you get to scoff a whole seven courses with wine pairings.

The kitchen with all its E l e c t r o l u x appliances on show and in use was right there in the thick of it – so no hiding. With every accidental chink of glass against metal from the kitchen the table fell quiet awaiting some kind of announcement, just like well trained dogs. Most amusing.

I never do dessert but the pudd was great: Strawberry, Celeriac and Szechuan Pepper. I’d never considered that soapy Daz-like pepper in that context but it worked. The rest of the menu was very good and slightly curious, enjoyed in an intimate ambience, with slick service against a faultless picture-postcard backdrop. But I just think tis ratherrr on the steep side to recommend as a must-do, especially it being a heavily sponsored event. 

The Cube, more information.

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