The Gun: when you need a change of scenery and Hampstead just won’t do….E14

There’s many occasion when I’ve been searching for the right place for a lost Saturday and I just can’t call it to mind. Bit of open space, good grub, a different environment. It’s The Gun! Far enough, believe you me, to feel like you’ve left London. The long terrace right on the river overlooks the dome which isn’t necessarily the most charming view but certainly reminds you that you’ve left your usual stomping ground. Is close enough to enjoy a post gig drink from the O2 though – and the bar is open til midnight (though you’ll really be stuffed for getting home then!) Food is good. Barbie on the deck in the summer. Not much else to see or do in the area so this is it! Docklands Museum could be a lot better (- not even a mention of the old Chinatown?? Bah, c’mon curators!) I guess you could follow on to the Grapes of the Prospect in Limehouse/Wapping?

The Gun, 27 Coldharbour, London E14. 020 7515 5222

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