The Peckham Rocks Itinerary, SE15

It might be a sunny weekend and its time to explore: I like Peckham and spent a lot of time there when I was at college in the area. I know that plenty of it is mired in poverty but the North Peckham Estate has been confined to history and the area’s fortunes have been turning steadily. So when I was at a wedding the other weekend I had to stand up for it when it was getting a bit of a slating and now have to run a mini tour to prove me right.

On the proposed SE15 & Surrounds Itinerary (I did a lot of this last year in a day):

I might cram in a quick visit to the recently renovated Camberwell Pool (& ideally Pasha the Kazak restaurant but I think thats pushing it)

Nunhead Cemetery – mentioned before, this is high high up on the Tropolis Hall of Fame. Practially a nature reserve in the City.

Peckham Rye – old gentrified South London. Wide open breathing space. 

Ganapti – weeny little modern Keralan restaurant. Right in the supremely posh bit of Peckam’s Bellenden conservation area. Very good food, homely ambience. You can have a wander round the chi chi bit of Peckham here. And I should mention, its always been like this, its not a recent regeneration/degenerative development. 38 Holly Grove, SE15 5DF 020 7277 2928

Persepolis – this miniscule Iranian hypermarket is an institution 28-30 Peckham High Street, SE15

Loop back up the main drag to find:

Frank’s Cafe – Its back. Third year in a row. Come and see what exotic South Londoners do with their time. They make art! They cook! Admire the most incredible panoramic view of London from afar on the roof. Last year we were enthralled by a dramatic storm that rolled south. And then we were caught on the roof for a couple of hours whilst it did its thing. Anyway, Hannah Barry has brought the art to the party again so you can bury culture into the day. June 30th – Sept 30th TEL. 0758 288 4574THURSDAY TO SUNDAY 11AM–10PM Food served 12-2.30pm 6-10pm 10TH FLOOR, PECKHAM MULTI-STORY CARPARK 95A RYE LANE, LONDON SE15 4ST

Hannah Barry Gallery – you can take in the permanent gallery space too – she hasn’t forgotten her roots despite the recent Mayfair expansion.  I need to do a spot of research to see what other galleries are in the area as there are quite a few.

Lord Palmerstson – now is the time to head a bit North and check out Timothy Spall’s fave pub – The Palmerston. Though this is firmly nudging the gastro pub definition and is more restaurant than pub there’s a small spot to drink. Its beautiful so you have to take it on the chin and just go.

91 Lordship Lane, East Dulwich, London, SE22 8EP Tel: 0208 693 1629

The Rivoli Ballroom – I’m not going to go into detail here – I’ll just let the images do the talking. But shame on you Rivoli for having three live sites – which one is current?? Site 1 or Site 2 or Site 3. I have to say I am a little over the burlesquey/vintage/retro scene. But I promise I would fully embrace it for the chance to hold a party here. Look at that lighting, it’s supreme. 

Gasp – just look at those tags – it looks like the best day out on earth! Hell I might even celebrate by drawing my first Google Map trail. Don’t hold your breath though – an A-Z and a highlighter will do you just fine.

If you have any comments or suggestions please do drop me a line:

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