Top view, W1

Now that normal life resumes post office party madness you can take your pick of the bars. If you haven’t been to Paramount yet then check it out. At the very top of Centre Point, one of London’s tallest buildings (risible to any New Yorker) sits Paramount. They tried to make it work as a members club and couldn’t (yay) so now anyone can get in. But you do need to book in adv – details below.

Don’t bother with the other floors cos you’ll just get distracted by all the lighting and reflections – by which time you may as well be in any old naff bar. Go straight to the top top and get busy on the viewing platform. There’s plenty of space for everyone. The first time I went I didn’t get it and then the penny dropped, this is London’s finest lonely bar! There’s something distinctly austere about the ambience.

Book in on 020 7420 2900

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