Trampolines of the World

bounce-2bounce-below-worlds-largest-underground-trampoline-5Giant trampolines, linked by slides, hang from the roof in Llechwedd Slate Caverns. The attraction i

Bounce Below in Wales has thrown open a cavern to welcome trampolinists of the world. The three enormous nets are interconnected by stairways and slides and are located within the Llechwedd caverns, an old mining site twice the size of St. Paul’s Cathedral. For someone partial to a bit of caving this appeals. Its a shame they went a bit multi-multi-coloured on the lighting with all the colours going on, but I guess subterranean caving Welsh entrepreneurs don’t always place interior design front and foremost of their proposition!

Archstoyanie Festival Russia, Fast Track Archstoyanie Festival Russia: Fast Track russian-trampoline-in-forest tramp-4

There was plenty of coverage about this 50m long trampoline at Archstoyani in Russia last year. Sadly this is not a permanent installation, but the art festival is on and open this year, awaiting your visit. The location, a small farming village Nikola-Lenivets was a “failed farming collective”, but is now home to a collection of monumental land art designed to echo the seasons and town harvests. Artist Nikolai Polissky led the vanguard in 1989 when he arrived as a painter and member of the underground Soviet art collective Mitki. Now, every year the village hosts the Archstoyanie Festival – архстояние – which explores “interactions between humans and nature”. Nikola-Lenivets four hours south of Moscow in Urga National Park. See Archstoyanie’s Insta snaps here.