Oh yes I’m STILL plugging the sports – my new hobby – spectatoring the sports! I went to trampolining over the weekend. I was disappointed it wasn’t the bar or hoops (the French are always good at this) but I got into it. I love the gathering of the people – trying to guess the origin of the competitors by way of the gaudy outfit (yes we did it blindly, knowing Olga’s name would take the fun out of it). I did pretty well – never quite bullseye but got within a border nation. The Chinese just kill it every time. It was exactly the same winning pattern in mens and womens – Gold: China, Silver: China, Bronze: Canada. You start to build up a good picture of how these nations are spending their weekends. Well, that’s an insight of two Chinese, now what are the other 1.29999 billion up to….

I’ve got weightlifting tickets for the real Olympics, can’t wait. I love how these strips of strength come to the fore – you get all the ‘Stan countries, Tunisians, Turkish winning on weights. And the girls – oh yes, they’re cracking to watch.

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