Two great venues in London

The Bridewell Theatre just off Fleet Street

I’ve got a thing for derelict pools…..had to satiate this one at times but they do crop up occasionally. They’ve done up Marshall St baths now in W1, Haggerston is still festering away. Another in a hotel on Great Russell Street was reclaimed years ago…but….in a dark corner off Fleet Street lies the Bridewell Theatre. Its still got the mangles for linen in the bar and the performace space is as raw as it comes – all the tiles in place. I need to find out what kind of events they allow here. We went to see a play about professional swimmers called Amphibians. Great idea but the subplot with this awful sprite-like character was just so am-dram it made me squirm. Like a tortured tadpole. 

Bridewell Theatre

1901 Arts Club SE1:

This is a dream. We found it scouting about over the Open House weekend last year. A skinny town turn of the century town house a stone’s throw form where I ues to live on Roupell St (most beautiful street in London). The Arts Club is available to hire for just £600 til 2am (need to double check that.) Its spread over 3 floors, has a tiny terrace squeezed in at the back and their own bar which is priced just fine. They do encourage an arts element to any private party, in keeping with their roots – and have a grand piano and recital space on the ground floor. Its a touch intimate, rococo-plush, parquet or thick pile carpets and very reasonable – how brilliantly un-London! Need to jump in and throw a party quick before people get 1901-fatigue….

1901 Arts Club

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