Vin v Perf

Looks interesting…? By Odette Toilette:

….a one-off, super special event at The Sampler Tasting Room in South Kensington on the evening of Tuesday 27th September:
Perfume vs. Wine.

This is going to be a tasting with a difference, in which we will sample eight wines in conjunction with eight fragrances specially chosen to enhance or even to disturb the palate’s interpretation.

I wanted to host this one because wine and fragrance have so much in common in terms of a shared language, their subtleties and complexities, even down to the precision in creating the perfect blend. Yet at the same time, if they were each individuals at a party, they would probably stare cautiously at each other from opposite sides of the room.

There are only 25 ticket for this event which are £44 to include all wines, perfume sampling and nibbles. So be sure to book soon.

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Odette Toilette

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