Wine Tasting at the French Institute, SW7

This soireee lessens the misery of Monday night. Tutored wine tasting in the lovely French Institute library, Sandie Leckie takes the sessions. Its got even better since I last went as they’ve teamed up the the Cave au Fromage nearby which I know VERY well and do the good pairing. South Ken has just got sooo much better recently. The amount of times we’d be kicking round here aimlessly with their rubbish pubs and their hopeless restaurants.¬†

I would recommend Daquise, Pierino (though boy do they wedge those tables in), The Crown and La Bouchee – the local bistro for the French residents. Of course you could just go to the Lumiere cinema in the institute, recently revamped and catch up on the latest angsty Parisien drama. Orrrr if you want to just drink through go to Sampler, or cheese through then the Cave au Fromage!

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The Wines of Gascony
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Fine White Wines of Burgundy 

French Institute

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