Ye Olde Mitre, EC1

Ahhh this pub….so small…so hidden. Sadly it’s not a secret and gets busy but despite its diminutive  size it does swallow people up across various nooks and two bars. Its got a fantastic history (something about harbouring criminals – best to get the story off the landlord) – and is right next to one of my other fave spaces in London – St Etheldreda’s Church. The exquisite crypt once played host to one of Henry VIIIs binge feasts. With a bird-in-a-bird-in-a-bird etc……

N.B. I was over the moon to learn that you can hire the whole pub for the sum of £500 for lunch and £1000 from 6-11pm if you so wished – available every Saturday. FYI – no music allowed though.  

1 Ely Court, Ely Place, Holborn, London, EC1N 6SJ

A good spot for dinner is the Bleeding Heart which is a stone’s throw through a gate but you normally have to take the long way round.

St Etheldreda or dressed up as a venue here.

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