You Me….casting on Tuesday

*Update* Well they’re not going to be fussy – they need a cast of 1500! For…80 tickets? I must’ve misheard but did the sums, I think that’s right. So will you be one of the chosen few to get a ticket? In their own words “1500 people will bend over backwards to create a series of sequential events that a few individuals couldn’t dream of experiencing in one lifetime.” Tickets on sale end of the month, no insider tips as to where. Venue in Holborn, possibly that squatted rave den, the old Post Office sorting warehouse? And the founders wholeheartedly promised, shouting it out loud and proud that they’ll definitely sell out next year so this is the last renegade performance! 

For those of you who have the joy of discovering You Me Bum Bum Train ahead of them may struggle to appreciate quite how amazing they are. I can’t go into detail here because it’ll end up being the longest post in the world but its the most brilliant down the rabbit hole experience that you’ll tease your friends with for ever more. Google them.

Despite the juvenile choice of name, my god do they run a tight ship: casts of 500 beaver away for nowt, bang on brief. Word is out that they’re casting for their upcoming Christmas show on Tuesday 11th, 7pm at the Old Boys Club in Dalston. I suspect the venue might not be big enough for the turnout but we’ll see. To ensure tickets for any of their future shows you’ll need to stalk them on through the Barbican and their Facebook pg which is their mode d’operandi. They seem to ignore their mailing list which was deeply perilous for me last time as I nearly missed out on their 2010 cracker. The ratio of performer to audience is about 500:1 hence the scarcity of tickets. 

These guys make Shunt and Punch Drunk look like the establishment! Two fingers upto narrative and reason, here’s to total hedonism without an agenda.

You Me Bum Bum Train – though this may as well be communications Siberia as far as they’re concerned! 

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